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Aimée Allen’s latest release, Wings Uncaged, is a musical statement of transcendence.  With a set of striking originals featuring winged creatures, negotiating the possibilities and limitations of the natural world, the music is a metaphor for surviving perilous conditions in creative ways. 


It is no accident that a profound meditation on the current state of democracy, entitled Democracy How (Harmony and Dissonance) is also included.  Interspersed with unexpected reworkings of standards as well, Wings Uncaged proclaims that in love, as in life and in nature, we can rise above and transform our circumstances. 

Aimée Allen - vocals

François Moutin - bass

Billy Test - piano

Kush Abadey - drums

 “Intimate lyrics and timely social commentary on “Democracy How” gives Allen’s Wings Uncaged a powerful voice”

- Jay Edwards, WCLK, JazzTones Radio


“Wings Uncaged is filled with inventive reworkings of a few favorite standards along with five new and memorable originals, featuring Allen at the top of her form.”

- Scott Yanow

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